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Bet online 03.07.2022

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Men. Wimbledon (8)
Women. Wimbledon (8)
Men. Doubles. Wimbledon (8)
Women. Doubles. Wimbledon (8)
Mixed. Wimbledon (6)
ATP Challenger. Braunschweig. Germany. Clay. Qualification (11)
ATP Challenger. Lüdenscheid. Germany. Clay. Final (1)
ATP Challenger. Malaga. Spain. Hard. Final (1)
ATP Challenger. Porto. Portugal. Hard. Qualification (12)
ATP Challenger. Salzburg. Austria. Clay. Qualification (11)
ATP Challenger. Todi. Italy. Clay. Qualification (11)
ATP Challenger. Труа. Франция. Грунт. Финал (1)

ITF M15. Bergamo. Italy. Clay. Final (1)
ITF M15. Bern. Switzerland. Clay. Final (1)
ITF M15. Los Angeles. USA. Hard. Final (1)
ITF M15. Monastir. Tunisia. Hard. Final (1)
ITF M15. Wroclaw. Poland. Clay. Final (1)
ITF M25. Bourg-en-Bresse. France. Clay. Final (1)
ITF M25. Dallas. USA. Hard. Final (1)
ITF M25. Hague. Netherlands. Clay. Final (1)
ITF M25. Poprad. Slovakia. Clay. Final (1)
ITF W100. Charleston. USA. Clay. Final (1)
ITF W100. Charleston. USA. Doubles. Clay. Final (1)
ITF W15. Monastir. Tunisia. Hard. Final (1)
ITF W15. Prokuplje. Serbia. Clay. Final (1)
ITF W15. Лос-Анджелес. США. Хард. Финал (1)
ITF W25. Columbus. USA. Hard. Final (1)
ITF W25. Hague. Netherlands. Clay. Final (1)
ITF W25. Palma del Rio. Spain. Hard. Final (1)
ITF W25. Porto. Portugal. Hard. Final (1)
ITF W25. Vaihingen. Germany. Clay. Final (1)
ITF W60. Montpellier. France. Clay. Final (1)
Wimbledon. Outrights (1)
Wimbledon. Outrights. Women (1)
Australian Open. Outrights (1)
Australian Open. Outrights. Women (1)
Roland Garros. Outrights (1)
Roland Garros. Outrights. Women (1)
US Open. Outrights (1)
US Open. Outrights. Women (1)

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